Cardboard City

Cardboard City is a fundraiser held for The Ark every November. Tour the "city" and see the "boxes" created by volunteers, and help us promote awareness of homelessness in our community.


Join us Saturday, November 20, 2021 5p-7p at 257 Standard St. Elkin, NC - Yadkin Valley Heritage & Trails Visitor Center

How It Works:

Cardboard City raises much-needed funds for The Ark. Each box represents homelessness and each volunteer "in the box" raises $500 or more through donations for The Ark.

  • Please make sure to designate who's box you are donating towards! In paypal it says 'Cardboard City Designated to' & will let you enter a name.  

Cardboard City is our biggest fundraiser for the year and our doors stay open because of the compassion of folks like you and others in our community who lend a helping hand to those in need!

I am hoping that you will be able to be a Cardboard City volunteer (be “in the box”) this year and that you know other groups or individuals who would be willing to participate!  2021 Cardboard City is scheduled for November 20, 2021, from 5-7 PM outside at the Yadkin Valley Heritage and Trails Visitor Center which is located at 257 Standard Street in downtown Elkin. 

Are you able to be a volunteer this year?  If so GREAT!!  I have attached the volunteer registration information and the form that you can complete and send back to the event chair, any ARK staff, or board members.  We will be glad to fill out the form for you! I have also attached the flyer!!  Please be a part of Cardboard City this year!!

Please note that we will take every step to provide a safe environment during our 7th year Cardboard City event this year.  We are using the drive through theme as we did last year! 

Warm regards,

Amanda Brewer, Chair of Cardboard City 2021


Laurenn Singleton, Executive Director of the ARK


Betty Holthouser, ARK BOD





Yadkin Valley Heritage and Trails Visitor Center which is located at 257 Standard Street in downtown Elkin


I am participating in Cardboard City (November 20, 2021) as a volunteer to be "in the box" and "homeless" until I can raise $500 for The Ark homeless shelter in Elkin.


The Ark is a homeless shelter. It was established in Elkin, NC on March 3, 2000, to provide emergency shelter and supportive services for homeless families with children and single women. The Ark helps an average of over 100 homeless people each year.


I have agreed to be “homeless” at the Yadkin Valley Heritage and Trails Visitor Center which is located at 257 Standard Street in downtown Elkin from 5:00 – 7:00 PM on November 20th, 2021. This event will be held rain, shine, sleet or snow. I have agreed to be there regardless of the state of the weather.


I am asking you to consider making a tax-deductible donation to The Ark to help me end my homelessness as early as possible on November 20, 2021.

To Donate by credit card or PayPal:

1. Go to The Ark’s website at

2. Click on the yellow “Donate” link at the top of the home page.

3. Enter the amount of your donation, then click to either pay using a PayPal account or a credit card. VERY IMPORTANT: On the next screen, under the amount of your donation, click where it says “Cardboard City Designated to:” and type my name so I get credit for your donation!!

4. Then enter your credit card information and complete your donation. You will be able to print a receipt of your donation.


To Donate by check:

Make out check to “The Ark” and either give it to me or mail it to: The Ark, P.O. Box 102, Elkin, NC 28621. IMPORTANT: Please write my name on the memo line so I will get credit for your donation.

Thank you so much!!

Volunteer Registration Form


Name: _______________________________________________________________________


Address: ____________________________________________________________________


Home Phone: ________________________________Cell Phone: ____________________


Email address: ______________________________________________________________


Emergency Contact: _________________________________________________________


Affiliate Organization: ________________________________________________________


I agree to be “homeless” at the Cardboard City “Get out of the Box” fundraiser for The Ark homeless shelter at Yadkin Valley Heritage and Trails Visitor Center which is located at 257 Standard Street in downtown Elkin from 5:00 - 7:00 PM on Saturday, November 20, 2021. I understand the event will be held regardless of the state of the weather.


I understand that the only things I may bring to the event on November 20th are a box to “live in”, a coat, and my cell phone. I will organize a support team to bring me other items I may need, such as hat, gloves, umbrella, blanket, lawn chair, etc.


I agree to raise $500.00, or more, for The Ark homeless shelter. I understand that when I raise $500.00, I may end my homelessness early but please stay at the event. Stay “in the box” and remain homeless until I have raised $500.00 or by 7:00 PM on November 20th I may leave the box and the event. We will let you know when you raise $500 or when donations come in during the event and you get out of the box!


I understand that The Ark will provide the following materials to assist me with my fundraising efforts: 1) An event flyer that can be copied for distribution or posted on my social media accounts, 2) An event fact sheet (included below) to help me explain what I’m doing, 3) A link to online PayPal donation button for credit card donations, which will be linked to me, and 4) a donor log so I can keep up with my donations if I choose. 



Signed: _______________________________________________Date: ________________

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