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Stories of Success

These are our stories of success.

People who have worked hard to find a place of their own.

I was in a car wreck about a year ago and it turned my world upside down.  I lost my car, job, and housing all within a few months.  I came to The Ark with nothing and I was pretty broken, mentally and physically.  While at The Ark I kept working towards getting my disability and settlement from my wreck, I applied for school and started in January, and I worked on improving my health! The Ark helped me get to appointments, helped me apply to school and with materials, and listened when I needed someone to talk to. I had to learn to turn 'I can't' into 'I can'.  I could not have my own place right now if it wasn't for The Ark.  Thank you to all the staff at The Ark, I love my new apartment! - Jennifer Lynn

A single female, who we will call Stephanie, has been at The ARK and worked hard to get her daughter with her.  Stephanie, months ago, moved from a single female room into a family room.  She got her daughter into daycare, goes to work everyday and is saving at least 1/2 her income.  Our case manager, has been diligently working with Stephanie on life skills, budget and finance issues and moving forward to be self sustaining when she and her daughter move out on their own. Please keep this family surrounded in blessings for a stable, peaceful life as they prepare to move into their permanent housing in the near future! 


My name is Melissa and I, like many others, have made mistakes.  Those mistakes can motivate us but do not have to define us.  I have committed felonies but I am not a felon.  I am a mother, a Peer Support Specialist and currently work at The ARK in Elkin, NC. In 2015 my life changed forever when I was arrested for manufacturing Methamphetamine and lost everything.  I went to jail, experienced homelessness and a halfway house in around three years but today I have a stable home, a happy family and a job I love. Every day I work to better myself through education and research to help others recover from various mental health challenges.  I have become a Peer Support Specialist, Wellness Recovery Action Planning, Advocate for Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services.  I graduated Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and continue to learn and grow every day.  My vision is to help others navigate through difficult times in their life and make positive changes for their future.

"Great things happened while living at The ARK"!  I have a job at Pittsburgh Glassworks that I love and I can support myself on the income I make.  I rent a house that I love and I can live within my means. Life is good!"


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